Founded by Daniel Bilodeau in 1988, the chrome shop "Ferblanterie Daniel Bilodeau" specializes in steel metal transformation, especially stainless. Inside our facility, we provide service, conception, fabrication, and installation of stainless and aluminum parts for any type of vehicles.

In order to provide our customers with a personalized service; we constantly develop new products with original innovated designs. In fact, many or our customers have won prizes of distinction all over Canada and United States.

Our products are also distributed at many vehicle dealer locations, all over Quebec and Canada. This valuable collaboration has certainly helped our rapid growth. In order to respond to the growing demand, in 2001 we built a new 10 000sq ft shop. Our new shop is located at 4881 Blvd Frontenac Est, Thetford Mines, Quebec Canada. The chrome shop Ferblanterie Daniel Bilodeau went from two employees in 2001, to eight employees in 2005, and increased business.

Daniel Bilodeau, nick named Mr. Stainless by his customers has, over the years, built a solid reputation. He has earned his reputation through his quality work and satisfied customers. His secret: only the best quality materials, innovated and original conception, specialized employees, and a constant desire for perfection. In other words, the knowledge of a qualified team has allowed the chrome shop Ferblanterie Daniel Bilodeau to stay on top in his field.

Ferblanterie Daniel Bilodeau
4881, boul Frontenac Est, Thetford Mines
Québec, Canada
G6H 4G8

Phone : 418 338-4985
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